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VRV - Modern Air Conditioning Systems

Due to increased insulation in buildings, high solar heat gains and the use of heat generating equipment in offices such as computers, printers & photocopiers and the building position in relation to the sun, many buildings have the need for simultaneous heating & cooling throughout the year.

Modern Air Conditioning Systems can allow independent cooling and heating operation at the same time. This type of system takes heat from areas that require cooling and uses this heat in other areas that require heating, enabling the system to maintain an optimum temperature throughout the building. As a result, a rduction in energy saving of up to 25% compared to conventional systems can be made.

VRV - Modern Air Conditioning Systems

Over 10 internal unit styles to meet internal design requirements.

VRV - Modern Air Conditioning Systems

Air Con, ECO G Gas Heat Pump VRF Systems

The Natural Choice

Innovative, unique, economical, environmentally friendly and highly efficient: all words that describe the SANYO ECO G GHP gas powered range of VRF systems.

  • Single phase power supply across the range
  • The option of natural gas or LPG as the main power source

The ideal solution where there is a shortage of electrical power.

ECO G Gas Heat Pump VRF Systems

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